YOUR CONSULTANT IS Janelle - Makes Good Scents

My Story

I have a healthy addiction having my home smelling nice. It's my home it's where I relax and spend quality time with my family and friends so it's important to me that not only my home is inviting but smells amazing! In March 2015 I found Scentsy purely by accident and fell in love with the concept of a safer candle. I had never heard of Scentsy before so i bought a warmer with wax bars and a bottle of washer whiffs. Its was an instant love of the products as it performed better than expect.  I knew I wanted to continue to use Scentsy so in April 2015 I joined Scentsy. I had a very successful launch party which i made enough commission to pay for my kit plus extra. 
I was lucky enough to attend my first Scentsy Reunion in Melbourne 2017 and have come away with lifetime memories and friendships. This only inspired me to want to continue my Scentsy journey and promote all the great products Scentsy have. If you haven’t tried Scentsy yet don’t wait.  I have no doubt that you too will become Scentified and will never use wicked candle products again!   Please contact me to Buy Scentsy, Host a Scentsy Party or Join my team